Casa 2

In Casa program, the children aged 3 – 6.5 years are engaged in self-directed learning. Teachers create a learning environment in which children can be focused and be successful in their tasks and feel the joy of being engaged in their learning. Children choose from a variety of activities that include Practical Life, Sensorial, Language, Math and Culture exercises during Montessori time.

Thematic learning is a part of the day following the conventional approach. The children are introduced to reading through sequenced decodable books. These books may include some sight words they can memorize. As part of their foundation, Casa will be working on the five pillars of reading: understanding the relationship between sounds and words (phonetics), reading fluently, understanding what they read, expanding vocabulary, and building knowledge.

After 3 years in the Casa program the children will have developed a strong foundation in life and academic skills to be successful students in the Elementary program.

  • foster the growth of functional independence, task persistence and self-regulation
  • promote social development through respectful, clear communication and safe, natural consequences
  • contain a large variety of materials for the refinement of sensory perception and the development of literacy and mathematical understanding
  • offer opportunities for imaginative exploration leading to confident, creative self-expression